Exterior of a demo house we Augmented with our Markit AR app


Augmented and Virtual Reality are changing the way we interact with and demonstrate Architectural designs. Using these technologies we have the ability to see how the 3D model of an actual house will look from all angles, in real time. What's more is that we have the ability to be transported inside certain sections of the house as if we were actually standing in it.  


  1. Real Time Visualisation
    By utilising Augmented Reality you now have the ability to see how the 3D model of the house will look like from all angles, in real time.
  2. Avoid Costly Errors
    Avoid costly errors by analysing buildings and making final changes before its set in stone, literally!
  3. Improve Collaboration
    Working with your customers not only enhances the buying experience but allows them to feel more connected to the end result
  4. Unforgettable Experience
    By creating an enjoyable experience your customers are going to willingly refer you to all their friends and family.
  5. Mobility
    Allow your customers to take designs home with them and show their friends and family how their home is going to look.
  6. Early Adoptor
    Set yourself apart from other Architecture firms by becoming an early adopter.


  1. Transfer the files
    Send us your architectural models in an .rvt format preferably.
  2. Systems and Processes
    We will run your model through our extensive systems and processes in order to optimise it for mobile use.
  3. Augmented Reality
    Our programmers take your model and link it to the relevant marker
  4. The Marker
    Send us the blue prints or rendered image you would like to trigger the 3D model and where you would like the VR hot spot
  5. Virtual Reality
    We will create the VR hot spot and link it to the 3D model
  6. NDA
    If you require, our lawyers have drafted a mutually beneficial NDA to protect your sacred designs.

Scan this image to unlock an augmented and virtual reality experience for architecture

Download our free Markit AR application from Google Play or Apple App Store.

Once you have download the app scan the image to unlock an augmented 3D experience:
Download our Markit AR app on Apple App Store
Download our app on Google Play Store
Click to enlarge.  For the best experience please print the marker out.