iMan is bizAR Reality’s mascot. He is holding a Kinect, bizAR offers multiple Kinect solutions for companies in South Africa.


Be different. Be bold. Be remembered.

With all the voices contending for attention, how do you stand out from the crowd?

Break through the noise with our Kinect Solutions, transforming your brand activations and events, with a technology that delivers extraordinary, interactive experiences.

We don’t like mediocre neither should you.
bizAR Reality is the only authorised reseller of the multitaction screens in South Africa. MultiTaction has the best multi touch screens in the world.


The world’s most immersive multi-touch screen.

MultiTaction's advanced visualisation, collaboration and presentation software gives you the power to create smart, engaging, and memorable attendee experiences. Educate your audience and add smart interactions by virtually presenting your products and services with our world renowned multi-touch display screen. bizAR Reality is proud to be the only official MultiTaction reseller on the African continent.

Our MultiTaction units are available to rent or buy. 
bizAR Reality worked with Adidas in South Africa to create an Augmented and Virtual reality experience for the launch of their new boots, using the Markit AR app.


Shift your perspective with a new way of seeing things. 

Deliver value to your attendees’ before, during and after your events with our ground-breaking, Markit AR mobile application. Whether it’s to ‘wow’ attendees, or more effectively to educate them, Markit AR has created a whole new medium for storytelling. Specifically designed with Augmented and Virtual Reality capabilities, you can now avoid the costs, time and effort in developing your own AR to VR mobile application for events– just rebrand ours! Become the creator of your own experiences and let your brand tell a story with Markit AR.