iMan is bizAR Reality’s mascot. He is holding a kinect camera. Work closely with the bizAR Reality team in order to create your own events solution.


Whether you’re an event coordinator or an exhibitor, bizAR Reality will redefine your brand experiences at events – attracting and engaging with attendees in a personal and memorable way. With our Augmented and Virtual Reality, pioneering multi-touch screens and Kinect solutions, you can now provide interactive and explosive brand activations.   

From entertainment to customer engagement.

Work closely with the bizAR Reality team in order to create your own virtual reality training simulation.


VR allows us to create training simulations that can be used to optimise and improve certain aspects of any business. Fast track learning curves, remove risk, vet new recruits and ensure consistency with a custom built VR training simulation.

Augmented and virtual reality for architecture image


Authentic value through visualisations.

Computer renderings, drawings and even physical, 3D scale models can only go so far in showcasing your ideas and revealing your visions. Architects, property developers and designers are now adopting Augmented and Virtual Reality technology to present their projects, to walk-through show houses and to help teams internally improve collaboration and design.

You can now really sell your idea by giving clients the opportunity to experience not only how their home will look, but rather, how their home will feel.