bizAR Reality worked with Travelport South Africa to create an Augmented and Virtual reality experience for the travel industry, using the Markit AR app.


Changing the way you see the world.

From Mobile Apps to Smart Glass training and learning solutions, bizAR Reality will design the tech that disrupts your industry. With image and object recognition, Augmented Reality presents an innovative way to showcase products and services, enhance communication and improve efficiency. 
bizAR Reality creates high quality 360 degree images and videos. We seamlessly stitch these videos together to create an immersive experience.


Imagine a world where you can go anywhere, experience anything and be anyone.

Become a forerunner in the digital landscape and let us develop your own virtual reality software application. Create Immersive worlds and reinvent the definition of experience. Close your eyes and step inside a new reality or simply take a 360 degree view of your images and videos. Capture the entire moment, literally.
bizAR Reality worked with Burger King in South Africa to create a custom Augmented and Virtual reality application for their kids meals.


The world has gone mobile. Have you?

We design and develop mobile applications of all shapes and sizes, customized for both enterprise-level and end-consumers. From native, to cross platform developments and specialised Content Management Systems (CMS), bizAR Reality aims to improve communication, sales, training and customer relations. It is time for you to digitally transform your business to stay connected to stay ahead.