Since our inception, bizAR Reality’s focus has always revolved around immersive technology. Over the years, we have successfully implemented a wide variety of augmented and virtual reality solutions in a multitude of industries. Our knowledge and understanding of immersive technology, combined with our business acumen, allow our specialist consultants to gain an in-depth understanding of your business needs. Using this information, we will provide a detailed project plan that has been custom developed to achieve your unique requirements. Our systems and procedures are highly structured and are optimised to ensure that each mixed reality solution undergoes a stringent process from ideation to implementation. Our agile approach to software development and unique Friday feedback sessions ensures that your company is part of the development process every step of the way.


Like a lot of great technology companies, bizAR Reality started out of a garage five and a half years ago. Through innovation, determination, and focus, we have grown to become a leading augmented and virtual reality company in South Africa, with a rapidly expanding global footprint. As pioneers in immersive technology, bizAR Reality is driven towards creating futuristic, sustainable, and innovative mixed reality solutions for both businesses and consumers. Our years of experience and continuous investment in R&D ensures that we are keeping up to date with the latest technology trends from around the globe.​​

Our Media Relations

Over the years, the bizAR Reality team has been privileged to speak about our passion at some of South Africa’s most prestigious events. We believe in sharing our knowledge and expertise to grow the market locally and help organisations strategically position themselves for The Future of Work.

As a global company, we pride ourselves on staying up to date with the latest technology trends in order to share this knowledge and ensure the longevity of our products and customer projects.

Our Clients


We would love to hear from you; no matter what stage of the decision making process you are in. Give us a call or send us a email and one of consultants is always happy to help.


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