Since our inception, bizAR Reality has developed award-winning augmented reality applications for some of the world’s largest brands and agencies. Our years of knowledge and experience in developing augmented reality solutions has allowed our mixed reality studio to build a dynamic team of consultants, programmers, and animators that are capable of creating any custom AR project. Our augmented reality solutions range from interactive and immersive marketing campaigns to complex industrial augmented reality systems.

As a turnkey augmented reality agency, our team will help your business successfully design, develop, and deploy a value-driven augmented reality solution that is customised according to your companies AR project specifications.


Our high-quality WebAR solutions are custom-built augmented reality experiences that can be accessed via the web. No need to download an application, simply leverage off your existing website or work with our mixed reality studio to create a custom branded microsite to host your augmented reality experience.
WebAR allows your business to seamlessly integrate the immersive nature of augmented reality with the click of a button. From traditional print media to dynamic digital marketing campaigns, WebAR experiences can be used to enhance all aspects of your business communication. Our WebAR solutions link the digital and physical worlds by overlaying 3D models, animations, videos, and other relevant information into the real-world.


Our mixed reality studio develops custom branded AR lenses and effects for the world’s largest social media platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat. Due to the nature and popularity of these social media channels, augmented reality lenses and effects are a great way to reach your audience and drive brand engagement around the world.
From fun face filters to interactive 3D objects, our custom branded social media augmented reality solutions are perfect for companies looking to add that wow factor to your social media marketing campaigns.


Our augmented reality applications are suitable for more complex projects and can be jam-packed with highly interactive functionality, animations, and special effects. Unlike WebAR, a custom developed mobile augmented reality experience requires users to download an application.
Mobile augmented reality applications offer your business a unique way to engage with customers and can be used to create an unforgettable personalized brand experience or communication platform. Our custom developed AR mobile applications are developed for Android and Apple iOS devices and can be used to overlay interactive 3D models, animations, videos, audio, and more.


Simply put, augmented reality smart glasses are wearable devices that are worn like regular glasses but allow you to overlay digital information and graphics into your field of view. Apple, Google, and Microsoft are just a few of the companies developing the hardware that will facilitate this future mass media platform with accommodating software such as AR Kit and AR Core. As a pioneer of augmented reality solutions, bizAR has already successfully implemented a series of augmented reality applications for several smart glass devices. Our custom developed smart glass systems range from interactive 3D holograms that understand and interact with the real world to industrial based solutions that help organisations streamline processes, minimise downtime, and drive efficiencies.


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Image recognition AR

Object recognition AR

Facial recognition AR

Markerless/SLAM AR

Location-based AR



Augmented reality solutions will help your business create an interactive and personalised experience that creates long-lasting brand engagement.


From traditional print media to digital marketing, augmented reality adds a unique visual experience that increases recall and retention and promotes positive word of mouth.


Augmented reality creates a remarkable brand experience that not only improves a user's journey but ultimately leads to enhanced brand awareness.


Analytics allow you to gain a better understanding of how customers engage with your brand in the AR experience. These analytics can be used to improve decision making moving forward.


Bring your visions to life. Anything is possible with augmented reality, which means your custom AR experience is only limited by your imagination.


Link the digital and physical worlds and reinvent the definition of storytelling with highly interactive and immersive augmented reality applications.


By allowing customers to see and interact with a 3D version of your products or services, augmented reality technology optimises and enhances the sales process.


Through the use of a mobile phone, tablet, or smart glasses, augmented reality solutions allow you to link the digital and physical worlds by overlaying 3D models, animations, videos, images, and other relevant information into the real world.

Through the use of a VR headset, virtual reality has the ability to transports a user into a virtual world, fully immersing them in that environment. The creation of virtual reality environments is developed using either computer-generated animation or filmed with a specialised 360⁰ VR camera that simultaneously records all 360 degrees of a real-world environment.

The fundamental difference between augmented and virtual reality is that virtual reality is closed and fully immersive, transporting users into a virtual world. Augmented reality, on the other hand, is open and only partially immersive as digital content is augmented into the world around you in real-time.

Due to the nature of custom AR solutions, it is not possible to give accurate costing without a thorough understanding of the solution you want to develop. Our preferred approach is to work off an allocated budget. Based on the budget provided, we are able to work within a set of parameters to ensure that you get the most value for money. However, we understand that not all customers are able to provide a budget, and in which case, we will help breakdown your augmented reality solution to ensure that we provide accurate costs.

The time it takes to develop a custom augmented reality solution is dependent on numerous factors that are specific to each project. A detailed timeline document with key milestones will be supplied at the start of each project, whereas Friday feedback sessions ensure that you are constantly involved in the development process.

Over the years, our mixed reality studio has successfully implemented numerous augmented reality solutions into a multitude of industries. Our experiences in augmented reality development has shown us that AR can be incorporated into most businesses and industries. As with all our software development, bizAR seeks to understand the problem and custom develop a value-driven augmented reality solution to address this problem.

Marker-based augmented reality requires you to scan an image to access the augmented reality experience. Images can range from your company’s logo to specific print material that has been designed for a marketing campaign. We will upload your image into our system to ensure that it is suitable to provide a seamless augmented reality experience. There are a few more tips and tricks, but we will cross that bridge in your project kick-off meeting.

Markerless augmented reality, also known as SLAM, are applications that do not require you to scan an image or object to unlock the augmented reality experience. Through the use of local area mapping, you are able to seamlessly integrate digital content into the world around you.

A few years ago, WebAR was not possible. However, with the rapid advancement of technology, WebAR has become a powerful medium for organisations looking to seamlessly adopt augmented reality into their digital transformation process. Like mobile AR applications, WebAR allows users to incorporate 3D models, animations, and videos via marker-based or markerless tracking. However, the trade-off comes in the form of limited functionality and interaction that is achievable with WebAR. We will help you decide which is the right approach for your augmented reality project.

As it stands, augmented reality smart glasses not only vary significantly in shape and size but functionality and usability. That being said, the best augmented reality smart glasses devices are dependant on the solution that your business is trying to incorporate. As a pioneer in AR smart glasses, our mixed reality studio has successfully developed augmented reality software solutions for smart glass hardware such as Microsoft Hololens, Realwear, Vuzix, and Epson. We are also actively tracking the progress of Apple’s augmented reality smart glasses and eagerly await their release.